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Auction Database Software: Get organized, get results.

BidStation auction database software gathers all of your auction data in one place so you can do everything from preparing for the auction to reconciling and wrapping up.  Intuitive design, helpful support, good documentation and instructional videos make for a short learning curve. Do amazing things with less effort.

Discover: BidStation Auction Management Program

Instant auction, just add items and bidders.

Enter or import your auction item details and attendee information.  Make edits, assign bidder numbers, item numbers — all with a familiar row and column table format.  BidStation’s designed for user-friendliness and fast data entry so you get your winning bids and other purchases tabluated and ready for checkout super-fast! Have a lot of bids to input? No problem. Multi-user ready for team clerking means you can double, or triple, up.

Print silent auction bid sheets, labels, certificates

Short on time? No problem! Print custom auction bid sheets, templates, labels, certificates and item displays with just a few clicks. Assign bid numbers and table numbers, create check in reports — tasks that used to take hours can now be done in minutes.

Integrated credit card payments with PayStation.

Go cashless with ExpressPay at check-in.

Treat yourself and your guests to fast, reliable and secure credit card payments with PayStation Payment Processing Program.  Swipe cards at check-in to tokenize and store payment details.  Guests use bidder numbers for bids and purchases and then there’s no line at check out. Works without network or internet connections.  Merchant accounts are a breeze with our partners at Paysafe. cc_brand_logoset-250

Discover: PayStation Payment Processing for Nonprofits

Get ready for check out.

Use BidStation’s quick bid and purchase entry screens to zoom through clerking.  Once entered, purchases are all tallied on invoices for bidders that you can print and email.  Entering non-auction purchases such as raffle tickets, balloon pops, donations, fund a need, etc., is just as quick using the Other Bids tool.

Auction checkout with no lines: You won’t believe how quickly you’re ready for check-out!

Simple enter winning bids in BidStation to create guest invoices that you can print or email.
Auction checkout Software

Send your guests home with a smile.

Guests won’t be the only ones smiling. You’ll be thrilled with how fast it can be to wrap up your event when guests go straight to pick up items and not to check out first. Bring it all back to the office for reconciliation and finally, process payments. Many clients tell us this process used to take days to accomplish but with AuctionZoom, it can be done in one sitting.

Discover: BidStation Super Fast Auction Checkout Software

Great value, really great prices.

Our fundraising auction software comes with one year of priority support, upgrades and updates. After that, we offer an annual support package for $99 that will ensure you continue to receive support and software updates. The annual Priority Support package is optional.

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  • BidStation software (up to 20 records)
  • PayStation software
  • Test merchant account
  • Test Credit Card Processing
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Auction management database
$299/$0 ongoing
  • BidStation software
  • Unlimited records/Events/Users
  • Network/multi-user ready
  • 1 Year Priority Support, updates and upgrades
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Powerful event payment software
$299/$0 ongoing
  • PayStation software
  • Unlimited Users/Events
  • $0 Paysafe merchant account setup
  • 2 USB card readers (order more @$50)
  • 1 Year Priority Support, updates and upgrades
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Try it, before you buy it.

Free Auction Software: We offer fully functional free trial software that allows you to test drive BidStation and PayStation before you decide to buy. We’re also happy to discuss your auction and any questions.  Just give us a call!

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